Monolith Foundry is an independent type foundry by Griffin Moore. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow on Instagram to be notified of new releases. Contact with any questions.

Standard license

You are granted use of purchased Fonts across your personal devices in perpetuity. All applications in your personal work– print, web, or otherwise– are supported by this license.

In the case of company work, the company must purchase their own license per user. Organizations wishing to purchase a multi-user license may contact for volume pricing.

Distributing or sharing Fonts is not permitted. Duplication of Font files is permitted for personal use only– for backup purposes or for installing on your additional devices. Backup files must not be accessible publicly.

Modification of Fonts is not permitted without the express consent of Monolith Foundry. No works derivative of Fonts are permitted.

You agree that Fonts are the intellectual property of Monolith Foundry and are protected by copyright law and other intellectual property rights of the United States and other nations.

You accept that refunds cannot be provided.